Those who judge call them excuses, those who understand call them reasons.

Scars are not a testament to who you are but of what you survived.

Something is not more meaningful just because it's harder to achieve.

Losing things is a natural way of keeping what matters.

Life offers no new beginnings, just different endings.

It takes one happy day to have a meaningful life.

Embrace life as happiness.

Your future happiness will be grateful for your past sadness.

Before choosing who you want to be, accept who you are.

Do your best only when you can't do enough.

Enjoyment is the only thing you should demand from yourself.

Life begins now, here and in your head.

Make the moves they expect from you but for reasons they could never imagine.

It's impossible to hear a stone cry but getting closer might help you feel it.

Give as much as it takes not to feel empty.

What is worth keeping will never go away.

You have hope and hope has you.

Let your wings be your roots.

Be yourself more than you believe in it.

Good friends don't listen because they already know.

Love doesn't owe anyone anything.

Expect truth only when you are ready to accept it.

It doesn't matter how much you achieve for yourself but how much you mean to someone else.

Don't be everyone, be someone.

For some people being blind means keeping their eyes open.

Accept things as they are and for what they could be.

Even the middle of nowhere has to be somewhere.

You are not blind when you can't see it but when you can't imagine it.

When you feel love knocking at your heart, it is already inside.

Only if nothing matters, everything can matter.

Once you stop looking for meaning, you start living it.

Make failure always be a coincidence, never your fate.

Bad things come on their own, good things only if they are invited.

Good life is about keeping the balance between needing it and wanting it.

Living life means making more space for it.

If you can’t be what you want, be something better.

When nobody cares, you can only tell the truth by lying.

Loving means to forget what you know about a person without forgetting the person.

You are with wrong people if you need to keep your life on a leash.

Before playing with life, you need to think of a game.

What doesn't look beautiful has to be meaningful.

Don't try to impress everyone but make a difference for one of them.

Be the master of your dreams and the slave that will make them come true.

Let your dreams stay dreams even when they come true.

There are dreams nobody can dream but you.

Things can speak for themselves only when you let them.

Don't fix a mistake if it can fix something else.

We are all ordinary in our ability to make each other special.

Being without trying is the best way to avoid disappointments.

Don't give yourself to people but give them the chance to take you.

Don't use life to express what you feel, use what you feel to express life.

Something is good when everything else failed.

Only what challenges your understanding is worth being understood.

Meaning is the gravity of human life.

Only take those paths that will eventually lead you back to yourself.

Seek doubt to find trust.

The opposite of love is not hate but prejudice.

It is true if it doesn't disappear when you close your eyes.

Don't live to deserve to become famous but live to make fame deserve to become you.

Those who can find it, usually don't need it.

Don’t live for good memories but for new ones.

The right thing is always the best choice, and the best choice is always the easiest one.

To be strong means to break with love.

You can’t be stronger than you can be compassionate.

The best way to conquer your mind is to set it free.

Try to make your life fit into your memories and you will lose it.

We give to others to make room for something better for ourselves.

Always enter through doors and dream through windows.

The first step counts a lot, the last one means the most.

Make people think by not letting them tell you what to think.

Life is unavoidable more than it is useful. Accept it rather than judge it.

Sometimes people like the right things for the wrong reasons.

Living is so easy that most of the people are doing it wrong.

A good life doesn't exist therefore feel free to imagine it in any way you like.

An ideology is what you support, faith is what supports you.

Nothing can answer the question you are not asking.

Nothing is valuable because it couldn't be worthless.

Those who don't try to be perfect are usually less imperfect than those who do.

Trying hard to be original is not being original.

Don’t build a life without an exit.

You are not what you do but what are your reasons for doing it.

You don't get love by wanting it but by letting it be.

You can only get some things once you give up on them.

Living a meaningful life means doing something good for someone without even knowing it.

Everything we know about something is everything else we don’t know about it.

You might know all the answers only because you don't know all the questions.

Even when you don't like what you do, like yourself doing it.

What is easy to enjoy can easily become boring.

Love means expecting too much and being satisfied with too little.

It's easier to live than to make sense of it.

You can not always do a lot, but you can always do more.

We can do it right only because we can do it wrong.

The less is something valued, the more love it can receive.

There is more to learn about the future than the past.

Focus on winning experience more than on winning the competition.

Memories are mixtures of truths and lies that have stood the test of time.

A checklist helps you reach the destination, not experience the journey.

The best thing you can do is to find a treasure in another human being.

There will be at least one time when you will get what you deserve. Live for it.

Be the best at being yourself, and you will be good enough at everything else.

The best reality is the one you don't like because it allows you to dream.

Recognize reality and only then ignore it.

Do it for the experience, learn it for the record.

You can learn a lot by living but live little by learning.

Sometimes you don't need to know it right but just know it.

When falling in love, the plans should always come last.

You are always right in admitting you were wrong.

It’s sometimes worth taking seriously what others consider a joke.

Don't try to achieve happiness, achieve what makes you happy.

Fulfilling an obligation doesn't make you a better person than fulfilling a pleasure.

Don't turn your life into a habit, turn a habit into your life.

An action is worth a thousand worries.

If you have doubts about doing enough, you already did more than most of the people.

Success is not measured by how much you achieve but by how hard it is for you to achieve it.

There are no impossible things but only things worth or not worth doing.

You give more by being loved than by loving.

Find the part of you that never gives up, and you will find yourself.

Don't fix life but figure it out.

A wise person doesn't tell you what to do but which choices you have.

Freedom doesn't make people bad but gives them the chance to be good.

It's better to be enlightened about your imperfection than to be perfect.

We never get lost in life, just happen to find ourselves somewhere else.

Reality is an accepted dream.

Illusions are what truth both gives and takes away.

You can copy beauty but only steal an idea.

Make every step be your destination, and you will always be where you want to be.

Rules exist as a chance to break them.

Everything you know about the world might be the reason why you don't understand it.

Nobody gives up because it was easy.

It's not life that gives, it's us who receive.

Give your best without judging your worst.

Don’t create your own reality, create yourself in the reality that already exists.

Be grateful for an unattractive appearance because it is the best defense against superficial people.

A dreamer is a person who defies the obvious.

The only makeup you need is self-appreciation.

Love is not what you put into something but what you let out of it.

To cover yourself completely you sometimes need to dress yourself with nakedness.

Be the same person you would be if you couldn't be any different.

Daydreams are dreams that made it through the night.

Those who never get lost in their heads live in a small world.

Consume your present time completely, and you will never be able to live in the past.

Having doubt is the most obvious sign of wisdom.

A stroke of a paintbrush can create a line, a stroke of an idea can create a universe.

True beauty is something that we know is there and still can't see it.

Draw a forest if you can't draw a tree.

You can't climb the mountain without the mountain.

There are many different ways to live a life and only one way to not live it.

We all want to know the truth but prefer to hear what sounds better.

For deaf people, you have to play loud.

Chances are like stairs, the more you take them, the higher you climb.

Take a dream that can't come true and turn it into a problem that can be solved.

Suffering is not the way to salvation, a joyful sacrifice is.

Accept the pain caused by other people to you in the same way you accept causing the pain to other people.

Let what you feel lead you to what you know.

Life is, more often than not, a prisoner of human stupidity.

To make it less difficult, you need to become more simple.

Long lasting happiness comes from being grateful for the new opportunity more than being resentful about the loss of the old one.

A lost dream is a found reality, a lost meaning a found beauty.

You can disagree with my beliefs but not disagree with me having them.

Don't reject desires that can't be satisfied but those that are only meant to be satisfied.

Understanding something wrong might prevent you from understanding everything else right.

Trying to be everything you can be will prevent you from being everything you are.

Denying something just because you don't like it means to acknowledge it twice.

You give up on something only if you don't even try doing it.

Failures are meant to give us a chance to achieve our goals by deserving it.

Love with gratitude, not arrogance, because you can love only because of others.

Start your journey now, you'll get ready on the way.

There are greater rewards than being the best.

The only thing you can't do with love is hate.

You lose nothing by giving everything for what you want.

One can give a lot by asking for little.

Don't force yourself doing what you can't or hesitate doing what you can.

Be righteous to those in need and polite with everyone else.

Nothing that can't be perfect is imperfect.

Let go of the fish that doesn't fit your bowl and catch another one.

Obstacles are signposts to happiness.

Doing is the alter ego of thinking.

Being good is not something you become but something you keep trying.

To hate is a greater sacrifice than to love because you gain nothing from it.

Everything you find worth whispering is worth saying aloud.

Don't expect to be rewarded for giving to others what you received as a gift.

Love is not meant for those who deserve it but for those who need it.

Don't trust words or actions, trust time.

Trust is not earned or something you give to others but something you take for yourself.

Goodness exists to serve you, reach for it.

Love is more effective than torture.

Live in certainty and leave everything else to dreams.

No paths lead to the unknown.

Party so hard that you break everything but yourself.

We create our problems and pretend we have nothing better to do than solve them.

If you want to help people, tell them where they are, not where they want to be.

Enlightenment is not something we can achieve but something that comes to us when truly needed.

Every choice is a risk, therefore always choose what you want.

Love with the fire that keeps people warm without burning them.

Be the good fruit of every tree that can't produce one.

Never trust the love that expects you to be worthy of it.

You dare when you choose to have no regrets.

It all makes sense after you realize that the love you give away is always meant to come back stronger.

A beautiful mind can see through appearances, feel beyond pain and live without regrets.

Nobody can do it better than you can do it for yourself.

Work for money and live for what no money can buy.

Don't chase success, embrace it.

Make mistakes only if you want to improve, otherwise be perfect.

You don't become somebody but realize you are.

Good people don't go to heaven but go to help those in hell.

Be grateful for who you are as much as you would enjoy being who you wish you were.

Love is not blind, it just knows the path by heart.

Courage doesn't mean daring to do what scares you but loving it.

To care means to be there even when they don't notice you.

Value who you are because nobody else can do it better than yourself.

It's meant to be because you can make it happen.

Life can’t be measured because it only comes in abundance.

It doesn't matter that you aren't always where you want to be but that you are always on the way there.

Don't trust life without trying it out first.

Always trust yourself over life.

If you can't fit in, be the weather.

Focus on what you want to achieve, not the reasons for achieving it.

If it doesn't work with love, it's broken.

Love and hate are both powerful, but only love is empowering.

Greatness is in going beyond what is expected or required.

Bravery knows no obstacles, goodness no obligations.

Anything you want to do requires some kind of a muscle you need to train.

Don't judge people for doing things you can afford not to do.

You can't reason with a stupid person without being stupid.

Have a grateful heart and a challenging mind.

If you need to judge people, never do it with your heart.

It doesn't matter if it's real or not but that you can beat it.

People don't grow up, they just give up on being children.

Kindness is an unlocked door to a treasure room.

Start each day with what can only get better.

It's not disappointing to not get everything you expected but to expect anything less than everything.

A good life never asks for more than it belongs to it.

Do what you need to and love what you can do.

Happiness comes when you run out of reasons for it.

You are not your limit but the beginning of everything being possible.

Honesty is beauty’s walking stick.

Make excitement be your comfort zone.

Be creative only when you can't be useful.

Modesty is the cure for mediocrity.

Don’t take risks, use chances.

If you can't do it, do something better.

Make every step feel like the first and look like the last.

A mistake is a shortcut to doing it right.

Shine in darkness and blend in with light.

It takes courage to understand fear.

Ego is the man’s tail.

Live like a genius, love like a moron.

Sincerely worthless is better than dishonestly worthwhile.

Dreams are not bigger than life, they just tend to take more space in our hearts.

Loving life means accepting the failures.

We tend to like a person based on what we don’t know about her more than based on what we do.

Always judge a person based on how much you don't know about her.

It often happens that we truly get to know a person only when it's already too late.

We are often united by what doesn't matter and divided by what does.

People will change without waiting for you to be ready.

Never trust what you know about a person more than what you don’t.

We often fall in love not with the person we met but with the person we wish we met.

Our existence indeed happens here and now but only to allow our mind to wander everywhere else.

Don't focus on what you can achieve but on what is worth achieving.

Wisdom is when you can forget everything you learned.

Nothing matters beyond what matters.

You own everything you can imagine.

Faith is the absence of everything one knows.

There is always something that can make any outcome irrelevant.

It's not the choice that makes you free, it's the freedom that gives you a choice.

Even when you didn't choose it, you can still choose to accept it.

You become truly devoted when you overcome the need for it.

Everything is or means something because of something else.

Being the smartest means knowing you are not.

Look as far as you are able to walk.

Unlike dreams, reality never haunts us in our sleep.

You can defy reality just by closing your eyes.

Only an ignorant lies unconsciously.

Hope is the least reliable of the most devoted companions.

If there is nothing to gain by not doing it, do it.

Fakeness comes from trusting appearances.

Power is the ability to change things for the better of everyone, not just yourself.

A good advice solves problems, a great advice creates them.

The future is never mainstream.

Originality is what comes before both chicken and egg.

It’s sometimes stupid not to do a stupid thing.

Success is even blinder than justice.

It’s always tempting to spoil purpose with pleasure.

Even the most common things can be done in an extraordinary way.

It is often better to not learn things than to learn them wrong.

It doesn’t make sense to value things you can’t afford.

The obvious is, more often than not, a delusion.

It’s sometimes easier to do things than it is to think of doing them.

Getting rid of rules is the first step to finding purpose.

Always expect life to teach you something new rather than prove you right about what you already know.

Before you can think of something, you need to think first.

It’s better to be free than to have values.

Love like it was always the first of your last time.

People often tend to expect more than they tend to understand.

Only the rain that makes you wet matters.

Everything becomes truer when ruined.

Once you paint it pink, it works.

Love is everything gone right.

Most of the things happen by chance, the rest of them don’t happen at all.

A good heart is too small to host both heaven and hell.

It's easy to be better or worse than what the mankind deserves.

You don't need to be rich to be poor.

We are all destined to find happiness but not necessarily destined to recognize it.

Being open minded means to be halfway to everything.

To get to the truth, you sometimes need to trust the lies.

Everything is as perfect as everything else is not.

Life is colorfully sad at times.

Live a life that people will remember for what it was.

The best way to spend the last day of your life is to feel excited about the first day of your death.

A life can outlast any dream.

There is nothing wrong with being altruistic toward yourself.

Nobody can have more excuses than a god.

It's not easier to find a person who will love you unconditionally than it is to learn how to unconditionally love yourself.

Don't allow others to make you hate them in order to feel good about yourself.

We only live once but we can do it in many different ways.

The most precious things in life are those you already have.

Accept from others only what you can't get from yourself.

Silence is the best way to walk away from those who hurt you.

Allow yourself to achieve anything but only do what is right.

Do it for yourself and you will do it right.

Look under the surface only in search for the unknown.

For a wandering soul, every moment is a new discovery.

Never miss a chance to discover something new about yourself.

Change everything else first before changing yourself.

Hard times are good times being wasted.

It's often easier to find pleasure on the other side of the world than inside of yourself.

Some things take time because they last forever.

You don't need a present from others to be a present to yourself.

Sometimes feeling small and insignificant is all the comfort we need.

Keep yourself ready for all the happy endings to come.

Life is always the same, the same good or bad as you make it.

Be always in the mood for a pleasant surprise.

The easiest way to remember something is to forget everything else.

The most precious things in our lives are always kept in a bubble of joy.

Don't let go of love you feel for others but lack of love others feel for you.

You can't give more than being sincere.

It's ironic how a person can lose his life while looking for its purpose.

Compassion is the strength of the weak and the weakness of the strong.

There is nothing to lose in a dream.