Far from you

a stone breathes life into a flower
the sky takes a day off
while rain clouds burst in your lap
and you flow like a river
between shores
like time between stars
and not being present
makes you present
in my heart

The closenest of the stars

trees grow beautiful and green
you sleep in their fate
you breathe their solitude
at the end of the prayer
rivers fill the sky
and everything flows
with everything else
throughout the distance
you and I are made of

A love poem about love

the rain is real
people with umbrellas
love is not
love is something else
something more
love is something better
no matter how insignificant
lost or never found
love is when we look at the clouds
you and I
and it rains
it rains forever

A vow

at times you ask me
to tell you something sweet
honey grows on my tongue
until you let go of my silence
for a moment I can picture your breath
how it breaks against my absence
like an accident in heaven
like nothing we would ever try again
and it feels about right
because everything lasts only one time
the only time it matters

The carousel we rode

if life was as simple as a sandwich
even I can make
if flowers could speak
even if only in a foreign language
particularly tulips
if god existed or if it didn’t
even if only for a while
it wouldn’t make the same difference you do
when you open your eyes in mine
and I close them in yours
when you ask me to tell you that it will rain
while someone might still think
that the best memories are of what never happened
and say it aloud
with a voice of a stranger
no matter the love
or a suicide next door
there is still hope
a promise
you and I on a big silver elephant
if to become an angel means
to touch the ground completely

A hug

I am not but we are
I write leftovers and dreamscapes to your heart
and you listen and I stay
in ways that could be mistaken for a memory
or a shooting star
it’s our secret and your doubt
it’s my promise in your voice
a faint departure from the shore
the way we were made
with only wings and the first time it felt
unfinished and untouched
we created a universe and left it empty
for another time
like a feather at the bottom of the sky
so light that it rains

Now and then

it takes courage
courage and a hand to hold
if you take mine I took yours
with sunsets in my eyes
and whatever I find lost in your heart
only a hunch ago
before you choose my fate
and the night made us stars

A story

where there are no stars
I can’t even imagine how far you are
I walk toward you
but it’s you who can reach me
before I forget where I belong to remember
that all is lost when found
a moment with or ever after without you
like sun and rain of the same love